Empirical and experimental determination of the kinetics of pellet growth in filamentous fungi: A case study using Neurospora intermedia

Pellet morphology formation by filamentous fungi has gained a lot of attention because of its multiple benefits such as the ease of separation and smaller bioreactor volume requirement. Most reported kinetics studies on fungal pellet growth are centred on aeration, despite the experimental results pointing to the importance of other factors such as pH, substrates […]

  Sugarcane – sugar, ethanol, and what else?

If you know any Brazilian, you probably might have heard about our “jeitinho”, i.e. our unique way of developing innovative solutions. Though “jeitinho” usually carries a negative connotation, I believe most of the Brazilian innovation may be linked to our creativity and power to solve issues with our own resources. Back in the 1970’s, when […]

  Filamentous ascomycetes fungi as a source of natural pigments

Filamentous fungi, including the ascomycetes Monascus, Fusarium, Penicillium and Neurospora, are being explored as novel sources of natural pigments with biological functionality for food, feed and cosmetic applications. Such edible fungi can be used in biorefineries for the production of ethanol, animal feed and pigments from waste sources. The present review gathers insights on fungal […]

  Mycelial pellet formation by edible ascomycete filamentous fungi, Neurospora intermedia

  Pellet formation of filamentous fungi in submerged culture is an imperative topic of fermentation research. In this study, we report for the first time the growth of filamentous ascomycete fungus, Neurospora intermedia in its mycelial pellet form. In submerged culture, the growth morphology of the fungus was successfully manipulated into growing as pellets by […]

  Patent for Ascofeed

A PCT patent application (PCT/IN2017/050206) was filed for the process of converting sugar industry waste to aquatic and animal feed components- branded as Ascofeed. Read more source information.

  Valorization of sugar-to-ethanol process waste vinasse: A novel biorefinery approach using edible ascomycetes filamentous fungi

Authors: Ramkumar Nair and Mohammad Taherzadeh Abstract The aim of the present work was to study the integration of edible ascomycetes filamentous fungi into the existing sugar- or molasses-to-ethanol processes, to grow on vinasse or stillage and produce ethanol and protein-rich fungal biomass. Two fungal strains, Neurospora intermedia and Aspergillus oryzae were examined in shake […]