Conscious Eating can be delicious


Why is it that when it comes to cooking, we all so often think that “sustainable” is so different from “tasty” and “amazing”? Why is it that most people who adopt vegetarianism or veganism go back to eating meat within a year’s time? Flavours and texture are definitely part of the equation. Traditional plant-based alternatives have tastes and characteristics that have failed us here so far. How can we convince people to change to a sustainable protein consumption, when the options available don’t match their needs for a nice eating experience?

A better alternative

Cooking with Mycoprotein

When was the last time you were offered a mycoprotein dish at a restaurant? Or had an experienced chef showcase the best ways to cook it? That answer is exactly where we felt we needed to act on.

Understanding the best ways to cook and use a new food product allows everyone to have a pleasurable and convenient time eating it. For this, we have released the #Promyc4Cuisine campaign. We feel confident that in the hands of the best professionals, Promyc can be the heart of delicious vegan dishes, overcoming all other vegan protein alternatives in their quest to replace animal-derived products.

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