Fungi based high protein feed component

The global feed production has been growing steadily over the last couple of years, and now exceeds 1 billion tons per year in production. Until 2050, it is expected that the global demand for food will increase by 60% in order to feed our growing population. This creates immense challenges for the entire food and agriculture industries. In a response to needs for alternative sources of nutrition that are organic and sustainable, we at Mycorena have developed AscoFeed, a fungi based high protein feed component that is 100% bio-based and fully vegan. AscoFeed, a product now under field verification, is developed through Mycorena’s innovative fungal process, by which industrial waste-water is transformed into high-value products. It exemplifies how our technology has the power to address several challenges simultaneously – not only in relation to creating a cleaner, more sustainable world, but also with regards to creating products of very high value to the humankind.

Through years of research, we at Mycorena have created an innovate process to create sustainable and fully bio-based protein feed components. Using low-value industrial products and waste, we produce protein-rich feed alternatives through our fungal process. This feed alternative, branded as AscoFeed™, has been tested with excellent results in a laboratory settings, and has resulted in a global patent (pending approval).

Low-value industrial byproducts and waste converted to feed-ingredient through a carbon-negative process
Rapid production process with very little processing time, generally unaffected by weather conditions
High in protein, carbohydrates, lipids, minerals, and vitamins
Overall cost of production lower than the closest alternatives